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  • Ocean Rodeo Prodigy Freeride Kite

    Ocean Rodeo Prodigy Freeride Kite – 2018/19

    The Ocean Rodeo Prodigy Freeride Kite is designed to be a freeride kite that doesn’t compromise performance on waves and light winds The Prodigy is our way of allowing you to do it all, with just one kite. We’ve innovatively designed our kite to perform in light winds, be able ...
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  • Ocean Rodeo Razor Freestyle Kite

    Ocean Rodeo Razor Freestyle Kite 2018/19

    Narrow C shaped arc for ultra fast turning and consistent power Get ready to #LoopIt! The Razor is for those who want maximum return, unbelievably tight turns, and it’s innovative wingtip designs are optimised for mega kite loops. The Razor has been built Northwest Tough with new, lighter and more durable materials. ...
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  • Ocean Rodeo Roam Wave Kite 2018/19

    Ocean Rodeo Roam Dedicated Wave Kite The Ocean Rodeo Roam’s 3 strut, large wingtip design makes it a dedicated wave kite like no other. The thick LE tube, combined with our use of KP-E DACRON and Teijin double ripstop allow this kite to provide session saving water relaunches. The deep ...
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  • Ocean Rodeo Flite Lightwind Kite 2018/19

    Ocean Rodeo Flite Provides high performance dynamic riding with big lofty jumps even in the lightest of wind The Ocean Rodeo Flite is the lightest Kite we’ve ever made, but don’t let that make you think it’s like every other light wind kite on the market. This kite isn’t just ...
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  • Ocean Rodeo Session 3 Harness

    Ocean Rodeo Session 3 Harness

    Ocean Rodeo Session 3 Harness Main features: Secure quick entry/exit spreader bar buckle. (Harness includes spreader bar). Dual-density comfort foam padding. Designed to form fit your body and add positive flotation for added security on the water. Size adjustable back support – easily size up or down 1 harness size ...
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  • Ocean Rodeo Bliss Foot Straps

    BLISS PADS, STRAPS AND HANDLE Highly adjustable Bliss Pads & Straps are designed to work with all Ocean Rodeo and most other brand’s twin tip kiteboards. Highly adjustable Bliss Pads & Straps are designed to work with all Ocean Rodeo and most other brand’s twin tip kiteboards.
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  • Ocean Rodeo Big Pump 2.9L

    The Ocean Rodeo Big Pump SIZE MATTERS Smooth Action, High Flow With a massive 2.9L chamber and high volume double action valve the all new Big Pump will get you pumped up and on the water in a hurry. Featuring an extra tall body with high air flow piston, anti ...
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  • Ocean Rodeo React SLE Trainer Kite

    Ocean Rodeo React SLE Trainer Kite 2m

    Ocean Rodeo React SLE Trainer Kite 2M TRAINER KITE, COMPLETE WITH CONTROL BAR & LINES AND TRAINER HARNESS The Ocean Rodeo React SLE Trainer Kite is a 2m, 4 line kite designed to rig and fly just like the full-scale kites! Comes ready to fly complete with its own trainer ...
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  • Start trainer kite

    Ocean Rodeo Start Trainer Kite 1.5m

    The Ocean Rodeo Start Trainer Kite 1.5M TRAINER KITE The Start trainer kite is a simple and economical way to experience power kiting. No inflating, just take it out of the bag, attach the lines and fly! Learning the flying basics on a trainer kite is the safest way to ...
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  • Ocean Rodeo Go-Joe Board Recovery Device

    LEASHLESS BOARD RECOVERY The Go-Joe is in use in schools world wide and is the only board recovery device officially endorsed and promoted by both the IKO and PASA, the world’s two largest kiteboard instructor certification bodies. Designed to sit unobtrusively between your feet on the board, you won’t even ...
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  • Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift 2.0

    Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift Bar 2.0

    Introducing the Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift featuring R3 Designs’ bar end trim adjustment Main features: R3 Component’s bar end trim adjustment. Twist to add power, bump to depower. Hands on depower! Easily dump power while keeping both hands firmly on the bar and in control. Easily used by riders of ...
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  • Pilot Bar

    Ocean Rodeo Pilot Bar

    Main features: Easy Reset: Push release cuff remains locked up and ready to reset after an eject making reset quite literally a “snap” Refined Roto Hub: Below bar line swivel “Roto Hub” has been further refined, offering up even smoother re-ride action and line twist management. Pre Molded U Shaped Trim Loop: The ...
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  • Ocean Rodeo LT-138

    PROFESSIONAL SERIES FREESTYLE BOARD Your riding style is powerful, smooth and calculated and you demand that your equipment keep up. The LT-138 delivers. Built with our highly exacting eye for detail and product refinement, the LT-138 is a wood core, carbon reinforced twin tip for today’s most aggressive freestyle riders. ...
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  • Ocean Rodeo Origin

    THE START OF SOMETHING GOOD… The Origin is an agile, practical twinny built around a superior shape with swept 33cm tips giving it a prime progression template. Recognising that many riders rack up a lot of kiteboarding hours in choppy water, we developed the Origin to track, grip, go easy ...
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  • Ocean Rodeo Mako

    COMPLETELY REBORN Main features Brand new Rail-to-Rail concave construction. Never slip out on a carve again! Wood Core Construction! More durability with faster flex response. Duraclear top and bottom for extreme durability. Tapered ABS rails to take the hits. Massive 18mm Rail-to-Rail Concave to smooth out chop and deliver hard ...
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