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  • Spinera Monoski Trainer Rope

    Spinera Monoski Trainer Rope

    The Spinera Monoski Trainer Handle is perfect for water sports schools and rental stations. It consists of a buoyant handle with a soft rubber coating that provides optimal grip and secure control. The included leash is 21m long and is made of a durable braid that can withstand pulling forces ...
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  • Spinera Universal Rope Bridle

    Spinera Universal Rope Bridle

    Strength: 1860kg Strands: 16 / 12 orange 4 white Carabiner: stainless galvanised steel Floating: Yes Color: Red/White
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  • Spinera Waterski Rope 2 Sec.

    Spinera Waterski Rope, 2 Sec.

    The Spinera Waterski Rope is the rope for water skiing. The line contains 2 sections, so you can adjust the length of the line. Specs Strength: 680kg Length: 60´ 15´ / 18m 4,5m Handle: 12´ / 31cm 1 Section Strands: 12 blue 4 green 2 Section Strands: 12 orange 4 ...
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