Ocean Rodeo Bar & Lines

Ocean Rodeo have been serving the kiting industry since the beginning, with cutting edge designs and leaders in the market. The often don’t follow the path ahead, but make there own paths in the kiting industry. Once the path has been made others tend to follow.

The Stick Shift Bar & Lines with rear line trim where an industry first, and Ocean Trade Supplies are proud to be the sole dealer in the South Africa market.

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  • Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift 2.0

    Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift Bar 2.0

    Introducing the Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift featuring R3 Designs’ bar end trim adjustment Main features: R3 Component’s bar end trim adjustment. Twist to add power, bump to depower. Hands on depower! Easily dump power while keeping both hands firmly on the bar and in control. Easily used by riders of ...
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  • Pilot Bar

    Ocean Rodeo Pilot Bar

    Main features: Easy Reset: Push release cuff remains locked up and ready to reset after an eject making reset quite literally a “snap” Refined Roto Hub: Below bar line swivel “Roto Hub” has been further refined, offering up even smoother re-ride action and line twist management. Pre Molded U Shaped Trim Loop: The ...
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