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Our use of the ultra light, ultra strong, UV stable and virtually unrippable ALUULA composite material in our A-Series’ airframes adds enhanced rigidity, precision and control to these kites, while also significantly reducing their weight and therefore increasing performance capability. The new ALUULA-specific Ridge Seam also increases seam strength by 40% over traditional sewing methods.



Our tagline in 2020 was “As light as a one strut, with the stability of 3 struts”. How do you improve on that? Simple, make the Flite lighter again and refine the airfoil for even more get up and go in light to marginal winds.

The refined wing tip shape provides more lift and steering control for those days when you’re exploring low wind riding limits, while at the same delivering smooth power when the wind increases.

The Flite offers dynamic lightwind performance. An excellent companion for all riding styles and board types. Twintips, directionals and foil boards, the Flite’s tight, snappy turns, big lofty jumps, forgiving kite loops and effortless water relaunch will get you on the water and riding before the rest.

The HL Series Flite, truly a high performance light wind kite.

Further new features to be found on all 2021 HL-Series kites:

• New bladder install system = less weight / improved durability

• New strut and LE ends = less weight / improved response 

• Refined inflation system = less weight / less drag

• Refined HL-Series seam technology = improved durability

• New low-drag bridle system = less drag / improved response

• Ultra clean airframe = less drag



The HL-Series Flite features a high aspect ratio to produce greater lift and while generating less drag for a kite that lifts you windward.


Creating a light wind performance kite is no easy task… The HL-Series Flite contains a wide arc and large projected area to produce as much power per square meter as possible.

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