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Spinera Professional Endless Ride 4-6


Rotating Tube for 6 Pers.

It could not be better! Wow, wow and wow again – that’s the ultimate fun! This tube is specially made for commercial use with maximum durability. Heavy-duty material, numerous handholds and the excellent quality of Spinera make this rotating tube an eye-catcher and attraction for your watersport station and let the cash register ring!

Our line of professional buoys is specially made for nautical bases. The sheets are made of high-resistance nylon skin. The interior gonflable part is made of 0.9mm PVC. All the bolts have a 0.8mm thick tarpaulin protection on the bottom. This PVC protection is reinforced and can also reduce the fuel consumption of the boat.

Professional Series/Heavy Duty Rental
Diameter: 138”/350cm
Capacity: up to 6 persons

  • Special: – patented fast inflation H3 valves
  • new stabilized spin system (enabling less fuel usage)
  • extra strong 1000D, 0.9mm reinforced PVC material
  • standard equipment: 1 repair kit, 1 carry bag
  • repairable like inflatable boats in case of any damage
  • towing rope with an approx. length of 20-25m and tensile strength of 2600kg is included
  • 2-chamber security system “we take care about safety”
  • Color: yellow, black, red

See the Spinera Professional Endless Ride in action.

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