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Shinn Model P Foil


Shinn Model P Foil Main features:

Available as:

  • Incredible range
    Start foiling at 8 and tested to above 30 kph – fast enough for fun, slow enough to learn
  • Shinn foil compatibility program
    Complete compatibility with Shinn Model F wing – allowing for both a clear progression path and wings for all occasions
  • Progressive Lift
    Lift increase is very progressive allowing even inexperienced foilers enough time to react
  • Stable Pitch Control
    Low aspect design makes pitch changes slower and means over foiling becomes a thing of the past – ideal for kite and SUP foilers alike
  • Suitable for advanced foilers also
    Accelerate your learning for all the flying transitions you want to learn then transfer your new skills to the Model F wing.
  • Increased rider safety
    Designed with no sharp edges this wing inspires confidence in case the worst thing happens.
  • 2 Mast Length options
    Available complete with either 60cm or 90cm mast
  • Quik-Fit Plate
    Fast and easy foil removal without the need to remove the screws from the board
  • Model P Front Wing available separately
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