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  • Shinn ADHD Distortion

    ADHD DISTORTION High Performance Freestyle and Big Air Features High performance Freestyle or Big Air Explosive Grip and POP Rock-Steady Landing Platform Construction Combined Paulownia and Poplar Wood Core Built for Straps or Bindings Shape Full LengthDrive Channels Tunnel Concave Tips Constant Curve Rocker Accessories BITE Hi-performance Fins Sneaker 6 ...
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  • Shinn ADHD Clinic

    Shinn ADHD Clinic kiteboard – 2018/19

    ADHD CLINIC The ADHD is our highest performance freestyle deck. Stiff enough to perform yet comfortable enough to enjoy, the CLINIC won’t hold you back (so get your other excuses ready). By identifying the key features of a freestyle machine we’ve engineered in a more explosive kite-low POP giving you ...
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  • Shinn Slicer

    Shinn Slicer Kiteboard Travel Friendly Freeride All terain Features Next Generation Split board X-over/ Enduro Performance Perfect Solution for Travellers Construction Full Paulownia Wood Core Full PU Split Connection Shape Double Stepped Tips ConstantCurve Rocker Progressive Concave Accessories BITE Hi-performance Fins Sneaker 6 or Sneaker HMT (optional) Sizes 138 X ...
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