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  • Shinn Monk Glitch kiteboard

    The Ultimate Freeride Kiteboard–REDEFINED. Features Unparalleled Freeride Performance Insane Chop Handling and ease of use Improved grip and efficiency Construction Full Paulownia Wood Core Light Weight and Defined Flex Shape Multi Ridge and Concave Base Design Fan Tail Exhaust Tips Central Radius Outline with Direct Drive Tips Accessories BITE Hi-performance ...
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  • Shinn Mental Monk

    Shinn Mental Monk kiteboard – 2018/19

    Mental Monk Effortless chop handling, amazing carving, perfect edge control and never a drop in your eye the Monk is living proof that in a world of compromises there is still something special and unique to be found. After 9 years of tweaking, fettling and honing we’ve mastered all the ...
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