Nobile 50/Fifty Kite



Style: Freestyle, wakestyle

Shape: C-shape hybrid

Main features:

  • Hybrid C-shape and full bridles which combines the advantages of both types
  • High freestyle and wakestyle performance
  • Bridles with no pulleys give better control and direct feeling
  • Great lift and pop combined with constant power while performing tricks
  • Great control combined with medium bar feeling
  • Fast, low drag, quickly generating power profiles
  • Floating strut eliminates gusty wind effects
  • 5-strut construction
  • Easy to relaunch
  • Quick inflating/deflating screw valve
  • One-pump system
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Improved sewing technology and quality
  • 4-line control bar system
  • Colour-coded and fool-proof line connectors
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