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Shinn Model F Foil


Main features:

Available as:

  • Maximum range from one foil
    Start flying at 12 kph and don_t stop till you pass 50_. Fast enough for fun, control enough to enjoy
  • Medium aspect/ medium profile design
    Suitable for all freeride foiling needs – carving, jumping or cruising
  • Delta Stabiliser with integrated yaw control
    Improved carving with delta design surface and inverted foil profile.

Anhedral Wing
Increased Roll stability and decreased incidences of cavitation when pushing hard upwind

  • Wing compatibility program
    Complete compatibility with Shinn Model P wing – ideal for mastering those tricky flying transitions
  • 2 Mast length options
    Available complete with either 60cm or 90cm mast
  • Strike resistant design
    Delicate wings are mounted on top of the fuselage to protect them from damaging bottom strikes
  • Quik-Fit Plate
    Fast and easy foil removal without the need to remove the screws from the board
  • Model F Front Wing available separately


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