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  • Mystic Majestic fullsuit

    Mystic Majestic fullsuit front-zip (4/3mm)

    Mystic Majestic fullsuit features: – GBS (Glued Blind Stitched) – Waterproof stretch taping inside 2. Mesh neoprene back panel 4. Fine Mystic zip 5. Glideskin thin neck construction 7. Aquabarrier 8. 4-way stretch kneepads 9. Hook and loop closure 10. Non slip cuffs 14. Key pocket 15. Aquaflush
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  • Mystic Majestic waist harness

    Mystic Majestic Waist Harness

    Mystic Majestic waist harness features: 360 degrees pre-shaped back support 3D-molded foam interior and exterior Memory foam back support Soft neoprene edges Double power leash rings HP system included Covered side parts Multi hook | clickerbar 4.0 | low torque fixation Spreaderbar protector Battle belt waist closure Safety knife included
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  • Mystic Aviator seat harness

    Mystic Aviator Seat Harness

    Mystic Aviator seat harness features: Comfortable foam panels Double power leash rings Neoprene buckle covers Basic spreaderbar | 2 point fixation Spreader down system Comfortable legstraps Integrated handle
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