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  • Mystic Majestic fullsuit

    Mystic Majestic fullsuit front-zip (4/3mm)

    Mystic Majestic fullsuit features: – GBS (Glued Blind Stitched) – Waterproof stretch taping inside 2. Mesh neoprene back panel 4. Fine Mystic zip 5. Glideskin thin neck construction 7. Aquabarrier 8. 4-way stretch kneepads 9. Hook and loop closure 10. Non slip cuffs 14. Key pocket 15. Aquaflush
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  • Mystic Majestic Waist Harness

    MAJESTIC – HARDSHELL WAIST HARNESS What about it The Majestic harness has the same Bionic Core Frame as the Majestic X, but with a Roving glass fibre plate which provides bigger freedom of movement. If you’re more into wave riding or freestyling the Majestic will definitely be worth your while. ...
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  • Mystic Stealth Spreader Bar Kite

    Mystic Stealth Spreader Bar Kite

    What about it The Stealth bar with the traditional stainless steel kite hook is designed for (unhooked) freestyle and freeride users. The sizing and shape of the bar is redefined to reduce pressure points while the lever-lock system ensures easy closure and torsion control. Features Lever lock, easy closure Optimized ...
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  • Mystic Stealth Spreader Freeride

    Mystic Stealth Spreader Freeride

    What about it Mystic Stealth Spreader Freeride has been a huge innovation in the world of kiteboarding. Bringing simplicity, strength and reliability to the table. Our Freeride Bar is made for the rider that doesn’t want to unhook. It comes with a steel closed halo loop for hooked riding. We ...
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  • Mystic Stealth Waist Harness

    Mystic Stealth Waist Harness

    What about it The Stealth is an evolution on the well-known Majestic and Legend harness. It combines the stiffness of the BCF (Majestic X) with the non-water absorbing inner shell of the legend harness. Best of both worlds! The harness is built around the patented Bionic Core Frame (BCF), which ...
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  • Mystic Aviator seat harness

    Mystic Aviator Seat Harness

    Mystic Aviator seat harness features: Comfortable foam panels Double power leash rings Neoprene buckle covers Basic spreaderbar | 2 point fixation Spreader down system Comfortable legstraps Integrated handle
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